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Choreographed _Her Story_ along with ass


11:30 -12:30pm

via ZOOM!

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Come dance tomorrow 6_30-8 !!! _stepsonb

Jessica has had the privilege of seeing the business from both a dancers and a singers perspective is versatile in both these fields. Seeing the struggle at a singers movement callback, she helps singers to understand the dancers language. Because she is active in the business she can always offer up to date information to her students!

"Jessica intuitively knows how to best help "singers who move" acquire skills and confidence. Her class is a genuinely safe space, which is challenging but not so out-of-reach that one becomes disenchanted. Instead, I felt encouraged and inspired by her, and by my own progress. She teaches solid technique without intimidation, but with the utmost care for her students, all while creating an environment of fun. She also understands the importance of authentic storytelling through movement, which is imperative in audition settings. Anyone who wants to actually enjoy their dance training should run to Jessica's class."
- Lisa Brescia (Wicked, The Woman In White, AIDA, and soon to be starring as Donna in Mamma Mia!)

"It's been years since I've been in a dance class. Jessica made me feel comfortable and welcome. I learn, I laugh, I have a great time at every class. Jessica is a dancer who really understands singers."
- Joan Barber (Follies, Man of La Mancha, Beauty and the Beast)

Class Description
A class consisting of Warm up to increase flexibility and overall physical warm-up for the singer. Across the floor and center exercises working on basic technique and skills also how to understand dance terms and make yourself look your best when you are called back to dance. A short dance the length of one at an audition focusing not on your mastering of the combination but your skill in being able to pick up and perform it under pressure. The dances will vary in skill level as they do at auditions .This class is to improve your skills and present yourself at your best for auditions . I talk about acting beats and character development within the dance. It is for the professional or aspiring professional Broadway singer.

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